Implement, support, optimise

We’ve long maintained a laser-like focus on the implementation, support and improvement of key legal business systems.  It’s made for a wealth of relevant know-how and battlefield experience, which can make a big difference to project outcomes when engaging with Elite and Intapp.

It means we can help in a number of ways:

Managing risk

  • Understanding the risks and internal requirements of deploying the technologies and changing the associated processes.

  • Reduce the risk in a complex world, as we understand the choices that need to be made and their long-term implications.

  • Offering rigorous testing and quality assurance around both solutions and process

  • Bringing additional skilled resources to cover the increased workload brought about by the project itself.

Managing Success

  • Accelerate the time to value for significant enterprise investments.

  • Post deployment, working with clients to increase the exploitation of the tools by clients.

  • Improve the speed of delivery by showing clients short cuts and removing the learning curve.

  • Extract the maximum value from the investments made.

  • Delivering every style of training to suit client needs and drive positive adoption of new systems and processes.

Managing cost

  • Reduce the costs by bringing our experience of having done similar projects elsewhere.

  • Authoring off the shelf modules that supplement Elite functions, addressing common client requirements and avoiding ‘wheel reinvention’ development costs.

  • Enabling firms to shift responsibility and overhead to a well-resourced, expert provider.

  • Helping firms secure both cost certainty and service quality when it comes to core housekeeping tasks.

Managing the day-today

  • Providing application support and system maintenance on a retained or call-off basis eg balancing within 3E or Enterprise, Open upgrades.

  • Maintaining data hygiene and quality via our expert data stewards in preparation for the move to 3E.

  • Responding to software enhancement requests with an unrivalled bespoke programming capability, from extending functionality to plugging gaps to building unique tools.

  • Supporting the universal drive for master data integrity through initiatives such as 3E Entity Merge, Data Stewarding and a clutch of advanced cleansing utilities.

Given the enormity of the task and the pressure we were all under, I was both pleased and relieved that we had their knowledge, their enthusiasm and their unstinting support to help us drive the project through

Nick Pond

Integreon, program manager for the CMS /Nabarro/Olswang merger