We can be with you every step of the way

Recruiting, training and retaining qualified staff in a small and specialised market is a huge challenge. Few firms can afford to employ a specialist team on the basis they may need their skills at some point. But there will be times when you do need these skills.

This is why we developed our Hands and Minds programme. It allows you to access our specialist staff when you need them. And frees you from the cost of employing these highly-skilled people in house.

Hands and Minds gives you flexible, on-demand support for your finance and IT teams. We tailor it to suit your specific needs so you get exactly the right help at the precise time you need it.

This can include, for example:

  • Support to implement a new system once you’ve completed the migration and have gone live

  • Extra support at particular times, such as when you open a new office or at year end

  • On-going help to maintain and integrate core systems

  • Business intelligence and analytics

  • Help to develop new skills, processes and capacity

  • High-level IT skills e.g. for P1/P2 incident management and resolution

  • Temporary skills backfill e.g. as a result of a relocation or if key staff leave

  • Strategic advice e.g. how to react to business change

We’ll work with you to plan the managed service that’s right for you. This could be a rolling, annual ‘call-off’ contract, with days taken as and when you need them. Or it could be a fixed-term arrangement with monthly commitments.

Whichever, you’ll have the security of knowing we’ll be there for you when you need us.