Together we’ll make sure you get more

You want to get the maximum value, advantage and opportunity from your Elite and Intapp investments. Through our Partnering for Success (PfS) programme we’ll help make sure you do.

PfS has grown from our years of experience working with some of the world’s leading law firms. We help them introduce new technologies, automate manual processes and reengineer existing ones. We give them advice, help them plan, deliver projects and support them every step of the way. Whatever help they need, we’re able to give.

We can help you too.

PfS covers seven key areas that reflect your ambition and our focus.

Business intelligence

We use Elite Data Insights, Microsoft Power BI and our own expertise with 3E, database and data cube approaches to help you drive performance and profit through advanced analytics and dashboarding.

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Global compliance

We use Intapp Open and our workflow design and application development experience to help you maintain global compliance. Our blend of a pan-global resource with local expertise will help you overcome the complex challenges posed by countless regulatory demands and jurisdictional differences.

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Business acceptance

The new business intake process is one of the most critical risks you face. We configure Intapp Open and Flow to help you mitigate this risk and enjoy new levels of efficiency, automation and control.

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Time and billing

We can help you improve your profitability with enhanced time capture, sharper cost monitoring and faster, more compliant invoicing.

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We help you price to win and plan for profit with Intapp’s Pricing, Terms and Experience along with key integrations to 3E.

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We can help you migrate your existing Intapp Open Systems or deploy new systems so you enjoy all the benefits of the cloud.

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Point Solutions

We can help you integrate Point Solutions with other software, including iManage and Chrome River. Whether you need our advice at the start of a project, or throughout its delivery, we can help you every step of the way.