Make your move to 3E a Smart Move

Deciding to move from Enterprise to 3E Financial Management is in itself a smart move. But it’s also a huge task that you need to manage carefully to avoid any risk to your business.

Because we’ve helped so many law firms move to 3E, we understand exactly the challenges you face. And, more importantly, we know how you should best prepare for and manage your move.

Because the right preparation will make sure your move to 3E is fast, efficient and secure.

Our Smart Moves services will help you:

  • Safeguard your business-critical functions

  • Enjoy the benefits and value of 3E early in the process

  • Allow your staff to become confident with the new system before it’s live

  • Avoid unexpected demands on your team as you plan for and action the move

We can help you..

Get ‘Data Fit’ with Data Priming

We’ll help you get your data ready for your move to 3E. We’ll assess your data and work with you to get it ready for migration. For example, we can clean, sort, sharpen, shrink, delete and correct your data.

You’ll be able to see how your data will work in 3E before you’ve made the move. You’ll be able to start integration testing sooner. And you’ll be able to get your data on to 3E much earlier.

Everything we do reduces your risk and ensures you’ll enjoy a fast and easy conversion.

Data Priming is available as an on-going managed service right up until you’re live on 3E. Our support relieves your team of a significant  housekeeping burden so they’re free to focus on higher-value 3E tasks.

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Get ‘BI Ready’ with 3E Data Insights for Enterprise

We designed our powerful 3E Data Insights solution to ensure you have complete continuity of service along with increased functionality, throughout your transition to 3E.

We can roll out 3E Data Insights while you’re still working on Enterprise. This will allow you to enjoy all the benefits 3E brings, before you go live.

You’ll be able to gain better insights and the intelligence you need to drive improvement and get ahead sooner.

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Get ‘Billing Ready’ with 3E Templates

3E Templates (formally Design Gallery) is another way you can prepare for and enjoy the benefits of 3E while you’re preparing to migrate.

3E Templates allows you to automate your billing and invoicing processes. It collects, converts and distributes your data to create professional, readable documents. You can transform your data into a variety of formats that are easy to share and that meet the specific needs of your clients.

We use 3E Templates to rewrite your Enterprise billing templates in readiness for your move to 3E. This will reduce the pressure on your billing team and allow you to become more efficient and more profitable more quickly.

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Get ‘System Fit’ with Intapp

We use Intapp to safeguard two business-critical functions ahead of your move to 3E. We’ll  move your time recording and matter inception from Elite to Intapp.

This means you have a leaner, less complex system to migrate.