Improve the quality of your data

We designed our suite of data quality tools to help you manage your data more easily and more effectively. Any system can contain both master and transactional data that is:

  • Duplicated even in a single system
  • Invalid and so in violation of your business rules
  • Redundant and can be deleted or orphaned
  • Inaccurate with key information such as billing and email addresses wrong
  • Lacking in integrity such as transactions not adding up to balances
  • Inconsistent even across supposedly integrated systems

If you have this kind of ‘bad’ data on your system it will affect your:

  • Financial risk, for example it will be harder to manage credit
  • Regulatory risk, for example it will be harder to demonstrate compliance
  • Client service, for example agreements such as rates may be applied inconsistently
  • Business costs, for example your AR days will increase
  • Business intelligence, for example your profiling will be inconsistent

Get real value from your data

Any system to manage data should recognise the value of a firm’s data as a business asset. It should focus on three key areas:

  1. One-off data cleansing
    An extensive remediation exercise typically performed ahead of a system migration
  2. Continual data quality monitoring
    Ongoing checks for inconsistencies in and across systems
  3. Continual data quality control
    Ongoing work to enforce correct data entry or remediate flagged issues

We designed our data quality management tools to make it easy for you to find, fix and form bad data and turn it into something of value.


There are three main tools:

Address Quality Management

Address Quality Management

For both one-off cleansing and routine data entry. Ensures the validation of both physical and email addresses.

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Data Quality Monitor

Data Quality Monitor

Useful when you migrate data from a legacy to a new system. Runs routine diagnostics and reports on data quality.

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Master Data Deduplication

Master Data Deduplication

Helps you leverage the full potential of your entities. Merges entities in 3E to reveal their actual value.

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Pinnacle Application Data quality management suite
Available as DIY or Managed Services

You can take each data quality management tool on its own or as part of a complete suite for your internal teams to manage.

Alternatively, we can provide the tools on a fully managed service basis. This means you’ll benefit from the support of our data specialists who will carry out any necessary investigation and remedial work.