What is Data Priming?

A new approach that unlocks an optimised conversion model for firms moving from Enterprise to 3E.

What does it do?

It gets you ‘data fit’ before you start your 3E project, not after

Enterprise records are cleansed to achieve the requisite levels of data hygiene, accuracy, relevance and integrity needed for a smooth, frictionless conversion.

How does it work?

We blend expert application consultants and advanced toolsets to find and fix issues, managing four key processes:

  • Balancing

    Eliminating any errors to ensure the system is financially in balance

  • Data integrity

    Dealing with issues such as orphaned records, invalid numbers, and missing entries to secure referential master data integrity.

  • Date quality

    Ensuring that data entry is being done consistently and completely and with no duplicated records.

  • Data scoping

    A one-time exercise to cull the dataset to be migrated by anything up to 60%.

The Enterprise data fitness program

How does it improve the conversion process?

As well as streamlining the test conversion phase, Data Stewarding also gives you the option of an early Strategy Conversion, where we ‘lift and load’ your cleansed Enterprise data, together with set-ups.

Together that gives you:
  • A high-grade, right-sized data set that can accelerate and derisk the migration process

  • Crucial visibility of YOUR data in 3E to support the strategy development process

  • The ability to start working through different set-ups and processes with your data - up to nine months ahead of your first test

  • The chance to undertake critical integration testing very early in the project cycle - with real data!

The strategy phase of a 3E project is a challenge as it’s very theoretical; An early data conversion makes 3E more tangible
... the team found this data invaluable in working through key decisions, helping visualise how the data would work in 3E process and reports
...we’d highly recommend that firms explore this approach.

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP

Data Priming

Watch our video on Data Priming, launched at Vantage 2018.