Most law firms need skilled resources to undertake part-time or intermittent activities within their business support functions.  The default solution is to make these tasks part of an individual’s role, rather than to entrust them to an external expert on a managed service basis. But too often it’s a solution found lacking and here’s why:

  • Hygiene activities do not get done
  • Systems become unstable or inconsistent
  • Environment management is not as robust or as slick as it should be
  • Tasks take longer
  • Upgrades are skipped
  • Toolsets are under-exploited
  • Workarounds are adopted instead of proper system change
  • Firms risk being over-reliant on specific individuals
  • Key project work is delayed

At Pinnacle we have shown that by buying in these skills and having us undertake these activities through a managed service, firms can improve the data in their businesses, get better user satisfaction, enhance project delivery and concentrate fully on what it is that they need to do to move their business forwards.

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