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We have one of the most experienced data migration teams in the world. We’ve supported more than 100 Enterprise to 3E migrations as well as many firm and project management system mergers. So you won’t be surprised to hear we’ve developed best practice in critical areas such as data preparation, conversion methodologies and project planning.

We can help you manage your data migration process from the initial planning stage right through to the final conversion. All of which means you’ll enjoy a faster, safer move or merger.

We can help you:

  • Prepare to move from Enterprise to 3E, before your migration project starts

  • Clean your Enterprise data so it will easily convert into 3E

  • Carry out an early conversion to 3E as part of the strategy development process so you can access your clean data in 3E ahead of the first test conversion

  • Run test conversions safely and efficiently

  • Consolidate two or more 3E systems if you’re merging with another firm

  • Migrate other systems, for example if you’re merging with another firm and want to operate on a single PMS platform

  • Integrate with other systems such as expenses, time capture and banking so your data automatically loads into the PMS

Data Priming: Get your data fit before you migrate to 3E

Before you start your move from Enterprise to 3E, it’s essential that your data is primed. Data priming involves cleaning your Enterprise records so they’re accurate and relevant and will easily convert into 3E.
Under our data priming service, our finance and application specialists use advanced toolsets to quickly find and fix issues. They focus on four key process

  • Balancing

    to eliminate errors and balance your financial data

  • Data integrity

    to correct issues such as orphaned records, invalid numbers and missing entries so your data is accurate and reliable

  • Date quality

    to make sure you maintain consistent and complete data entry with no duplicate records

  • Data-scoping

    a one-time exercise that can reduce the dataset you’ll migrate by anything up to 60%

3E Data Cleaning Tools

When you merge with another firm or system you can end up with many thousands of duplicate entities.  Our software development team develops tools to allow firms to clean their 3E data.

Entity Merge

When you merge with another firm or system you can end up with many thousands of dupicate entries. This can mean you have to repeat the Client Due Diligence (CDD) process [see our Risk Management practice (with link)]. We designed our Entity Merge service to overcome this problem.

Using an Intapp Flow-based approval process, we can help you track CDD profiles and statuses against the entity. For one of our clients this has cut 65,000 duplicates into 4,500 distinct entities. Invaluable when you want to perform robust CDD.

Site and Address Merge

We’ve developed a toolset that allows you to merge sites and addresses with 3E, a capability that is not available on the native product. This data is hard to clean so removing duplicate addresses makes it much easier for you to manage client and matter data.

The strategy phase of a 3E project is a challenge as it’s very theoretical; An early data conversion makes 3E more tangible
... the team found this data invaluable in working through key decisions, helping visualise how the data would work in 3E process and reports
...we’d highly recommend that firms explore this approach.

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Data Priming

Watch our video on Data Priming, launched at Vantage 2018.

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Data Migration Practice Lead

Kevin Smith