Balancing art and science in the quest for the perfect legal pitch

Innovation focus on proposal automation

Legal pitches are the bloodline of highly profitable law firms that manage a continuous stream of ideal matter profiles and client portfolios. Winning these pitches starts with a well-coordinated and efficient process to manage RFPs, including determining

  • what to respond to
  • who to involve in the proposal creation
  • how best to tailor the overall pitch to the specific clients’ needs.

In 2017 we saw only 41% of firms using any dedicated technology and only 29% creating significantly customised pitches, despite 98% of firms believing each pitch document should be unique.* (2017 Pitch Management Report)

The state of bid process management 2022/23

Our latest in-depth research conducted among the UK Top 100 law firms set out to uncover how leading law firms currently manage the increasingly demanding and competitive landscape of pitching. The report dived into questions around automation, strategy, new content demand and people management. We give special attention to the developments of the past four years in light of the pandemic and increased technology adoption.

Download the 2022 report to see:
  • How firms rate the importance of customisation, pricing, branding, key message and technical capability in pitch documents
  • Approaches to determining what to and what not to pitch for
  • The shifting demands around turnaround time
  • Technology use among leading law firms throughout the proposal generation process
  • Practices and experiences around the growing number of ESG and DI questions

Want to know how you compare to the UK Top 100?

Get your firm’s proposal management process benchmarked against the leading law firm in the report. Complete the same line of questions that served as the basis of this study for our specialist consultants to create your analysis. Using the data of the firms with the closest profile to yours, we will work to find some of the opportunities that may lay ahead of you. With our unique report, you will be better placed to improve your bid management processes and compete with higher efficiency.

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