Entity Merge

Have you undertaken a merger, given users unrestricted access to 3E or migrated from a legacy project management system? If you have it’s likely you’ll struggle with the duplication of clients and entities. These duplications typically number in the tens of thousands – sometimes more.

Problems are inevitable and include:

  • AML documentation is duplicated
  • Payors may not be linked
  • True client values are hard to determine

Easily see the true value of your entities

Our Entity Merge tool ensures that 3E entities, sites, addresses, relates and payors are only represented once in the 3E database. It also relates to data objects such as users, timekeepers, clients, payors, client contacts, matter contacts, vendors and payees.

This makes it possible for your team to see the entire relationship between your firm and the entity in a single view. Crucially, it will help you clearly understand the true value of that relationship.

The tool can merge entities across 3E, Mattersphere, and Intapp Open. It can handle joint entities and so will not change client or matter numbers.

Entity Merge

Example: You can see how the tool has merged entities 1234 and 5432 to create 4567

Available as client self-service or a managed service

You can take each data quality management tool on its own or as part of a complete suite for your internal teams to manage.

Alternatively, we can provide the tools on a fully managed service basis. This means you’ll benefit from the support of our data specialists who will carry out any necessary investigation and remedial work.

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Christopher Young