What is a Tiger Team?

A Tiger Team is a group of people, each an expert in their field, who come together to solve difficult problems and identify others before they happen. The concept was made famous by NASA when their teams worked as one to bring Apollo 13 safely back to earth after a module malfunctioned during the mission.  

Why Briefing Tiger Teams?

We already use the Tiger Team concept across Pinnacle. You can see it in how we structure our expert teams and throughout our internal thinking and operations. 

Now we’ve joined with Briefing to bring together other legal Tigers and address the biggest challenges law firms face.  

Through a range of webinars, roundtables and articlesthe brightest minds in law will work in partnership to solve critical legal business problems. We’ll be looking at what is most pressing now, and the challenges that lie ahead. 

You can register for future sessions and find all the session recordings, upcoming topics, resources, news and analysis here.   You can also keep up to date with the latest from Briefing Tiger Teams on LinkedIn