Tiger Teams Unleashed No 4


Client Resource Centre

When lockdown put a summary end to on-site training and in-person go-live support, the Pinnacle Tigers moved quickly to plug a large and looming hole for a number of clients at the sharp end of their roll-outs.

At the critical moment(s) assistance and training simply moved across to Zoom or Teams with virtual classrooms. But we also wanted to go much further, to augment the on-boarding (and refresher) process with a whole range of on-demand resources. Where once you would have asked the floorwalker ‘Could you just show me how you do this?’ we were keen to give users a self-help option, so we very quickly built out a digital Client Resource Centre (CRC).

The CRC, which is being added to every week, provides users with a whole raft of useful assets – videos, PowerPoints, briefings, playbooks – across both the 3E and Intapp portfolios. From quick demonstrations to comprehensive guides, from top tips to savvy shortcuts, the CRC is being developed as the ‘go-to’ place online for practical everyday help and for keeping current with updates, new functionality and Pinnacle advice and know-how.

Firms who take our managed services also get exclusive access to a range of premium content featuring the best of our extensive IP.

To simplify administration, access is firm-based – so once a firm is registered, all users of that firm are automatically permissioned. Users can then curate which content they want to see based on interests/role.

For more information, please contact christopher.young@pinnacle-oa.com


What is a Tiger Team ?

While Pinnacle is supporting Briefing’s current Tiger Teams initiative, it seemed only right to bring our own Tigers together and unleash them to solve a whole range of new challenges thrown up by the pandemic.

The Tiger Team concept was made famous by NASA and the Apollo 13 mission – the forging of a specialised, high-performing, cross-functional team to solve a specific issue.

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