Automatically create and distribute professional, readable documents

Creating professional, readable, compliant documents can be a headache. Some of your clients may have very specific billing terms. And you have multiple regulatory demands you need to meet, particularly if your firm works globally.

Our specialist team has both an extensive understanding of finance and experience working with 3E Templates. So we can help you quickly and easily generate a wide range of documents. We can configure 3E Templates to meet your needs, create templates and ensure your data is ready to be collected and converted.

All this will accelerate the work to cash cycle. It will save you time. And it will help you increase your profitability.

We can help you:

  • Develop and put in place processes to ensure your data can be captured and shared

  • Create a wide range of documents including:

    • Invoices

    • Credit notes

    • Cheques

    • Conflicts reports

    • eBills

    • Electronic fund transfers

    • Collection letters and emails

    • Internal notifications

  • Automatically deliver your documents via email, print, save to file share or your document management system (DMS)

  • Make sure your documents contain clean data to encourage first-time acceptance and faster collection

  • Use related technologies such as ContractExpress to pre-populate standard contracts from tools such as Intapp Open and Flow.

Use 3E Templates to improve your cash flow. Get in touch with us today.

3E Technical Team Lead

Paul Holmes