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Businesses today have a lot of data. Data that has been expensive to gather. And whilst it is cheap to store, this is only money well spent when your data is working for you. Because your data should give you the information you need to make the decisions that will improve performance and drive growth across your firm. We can help you make sure it does.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) team has an expert understanding of modern approaches to BI. We’ve worked extensively with law firms on their own BI systems and with Thompson Reuters Elite (TRE) as they developed their Data Insights tool.

We‘re TRE’s global delivery partner for Data Insights for both Enterprise and 3E. Because we were involved in its development, we have a unique understanding of Data Insights and how you can get the best value from it. We also have experience working with Microsoft PowerBI.

This specific BI expertise is supported by our rich understanding of the the major legal systems – 3E Financial Management, Enterprise, Intapp tools, InterAction etc. And, of course, our specialist experience working with law firms.

We can help you:

  • Analyse and assess your current reporting (infrastructure, people, outputs and methods of interaction)

  • Improve the flow of your information so it better informs and supports your decision-making

  • Create a flexible framework that can easily keep pace as your needs change

  • Adopt a more agile approach that provides consistent ‘little and often’ business value

How we can help you

Data Insights

Much of our BI work is based on helping you get the most from the tools your firm has so you can extract maximum value from your data.

We can help you:

  • See how your firm is performing in a format that is both easy to read and actionable

  • Easily create interactive reports and dashboards

  • Combine any data source (CRM, Risk, Finance) with enterprise data to give you a richer data set

  • See forecasting and advanced analytics for fee earners and managers at the touch of a button

  • Use Data Insights with your own reporting tool or with Microsoft PowerBI

You can use Data Insights with both Enterprise and 3E. If you are using Elite Enterprise and haven’t yet made the move to 3E, you can still use Data Insights to give you the information you need to drive change and shape success now. When you do move from Enterprise to 3E, the transition will be smooth and you’ll get to enjoy even greater benefits.

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Business Intelligence Practice Lead

Michael Turner