Have confidence your project will create lasting business success

All projects lead to some change, however small. How well you manage this change has a direct influence on the lasting success of your project. We can help you prepare your staff for the change ahead, so they are ready to work with the new systems and achieve the benefits you intended at the outset.

Effective change management relies on more than a simple training session and some informative emails. To achieve successful change you need a structured programme that will prepare your staff for the new ways of working before they are even in place.

Our expert change team is skilled at delivering change and transformation in law firms. The team is made up of specialist change managers, trainers, QA staff and testers. We work closely with our Pinnacle colleagues as they implement your new systems. This means we can help you drive the adoption and acceptance of your new systems and change the way your teams work across your firm.

We can also help you with non-system related change, such as mergers and new regulatory regimes.

We can help you:

  • Design and develop a comprehensive plan for communications, training and testing that will prepare your firm for the changes to come.

  • Ensure the project prepares staff at all levels for the change, with a focus on realizing business benefits not just system delivery.

  • Assess how ready your firm is for the change before you start, during the change process and once it is complete. We can support your key stakeholders throughout the process and work with them to mitigate any resistance to the change.

  • Identify how to remedy projects that haven’t fully realized their business benefits or delivered effective change.

  • Devise and deliver a tailored communications plan across the entire project.

  • Develop comprehensive training plans to prepare your staff to adopt the new systems, processes and ways of working.

  • Devise and manage a strategy to support the effective delivery of your project.

  • Build an internal network of change champions who will help you sustain the change and deliver continuous improvement across your firm.

Make sure your new systems create lasting change for the good.
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Change Management and Transformation Practice Lead

Tony Pullman