Intapp Client Portal

Our Intapp Client Portal– Client Due Diligence feature is a secure, branded link between your firm’s Intapp New Business Intake platform and your clients.

We designed it to address three main issues:

  • Security and compliance: KYC/AML related requests are usually handled via email. However, email is not a secure way to handle personal information. And it has the added risk that important documents such as passports are left hanging around in the system
  • Efficiency and accuracy: When you receive documents via email you need to save them into the appropriate part of the Intapp system. This takes time and risks important information being saved in the wrong place.
  • Branding and professionalism: You want to retain your firm’s identity in all your interactions with your clients. However, the Intapp system cannot be branded in this way.


How it works

KYC/AML requests are automatically sent from the portal, which is fully branded in your firm’s colours and with your firm’s logo. So there’s no need to send emails.

Your clients use the portal to complete the required data fields and securely upload their supporting documentation. Because the information is automatically transferred to the Intapp system, no personal data is ever stored in the Pinnacle Cloud.

The whole solution is dynamic. Requests are automatically moved on in the workflow. And, if you alter questions in the Intapp workflow, they are automatically updated in the client portal.

Plus it’s flexible. So if a stray document does come in via email, you can move it and store it where it should be.

Intapp Client Portal branded client registration form
Intapp Client Portal branded client registration form


The technology involved

The portal works with both the Intapp Cloud and On-Premise implementations of Intake and Flow. Because it’s hosted on a Pinnacle tenancy in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, there’s nothing to install in your firm’s environment.


Maintain secure, efficient and branded interactions throughout your new business intake

Christopher Young