Address Quality Management

Our Address Quality Management tool will help you quickly and easily see address records that are identical or similar to another.

The tool will automatically match duplicate addresses against a master record. It will then update all instances where the duplicate address exists and redirect them to the master record.

The original address records are not deleted but are stored as ‘orphans’ so you can still access them if necessary.

You can use the Address Quality Management tool for:

  • One-off cleansing: Invaluable when you’re migrating from a legacy system that allows free-form address formats (such as Enterprise) to a new system that requires structure and validation (such as 3E).
  • Business-as-usual: This makes it easy to input valid email and physical addresses by checking them against a comprehensive global database.
Available as DIY or Managed Services

You can take each data quality management tool on its own or as part of a complete suite for your internal teams to manage.

Alternatively, we can provide the tools on a fully managed service basis. This means you’ll benefit from the support of our data specialists who will carry out any necessary investigation and remedial work.

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