Address Quality Management

Address quality management is a method of checking and validating the full address content that you have within your applications.

Our Address Quality Management product is multi-lingual and analyses your address data to validate the profile to show completeness, accuracy and duplication.

The product will automatically validate and cleanse the data by using global data authority sources to ensure the address is accurate, trustworthy and correctly formatted.  Our ‘plug-ins’ for your apps (including Intapp and 3E) can be used to look-up, verify and validate address inputs ‘on-the-fly’.

You can use the Address Quality Management product for:

  • One-off bulk cleansing: Invaluable when you’re migrating from a legacy system that allows free-form address formats such as Elite Enterprise to a new system that requires structure and validation such as Elite 3E.
  • Business-as-usual: Quickly capture, validate and enrich addresses and postcodes as they are entered. This makes it easy to input valid addresses by checking them against our comprehensive global database.
Available as client self-service or a managed service

You can take each data quality management tool on its own or as part of a complete suite for your internal teams to manage.

Alternatively, we can provide the tools on a fully managed service basis. This means you’ll benefit from the support of our data specialists who will carry out any necessary investigation and remedial work.

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