Partnering with technology leaders

Focus leads to enhanced expertise, which in turn leads to better results for our clients.

Our focus – the implementation, support and fine-tuning of legal business systems – concentrates on two outstanding technology platforms; and it’s our long-standing partnerships with both Thomson Reuters Elite (TRE) and Intapp that have allowed us to leverage their platforms for the benefit of clients across the globe.

We have had the closest of relationships with TRE for a decade now. The new Pinnacle group has been involved with over 100+ 3E projects and works closely with the company on product development and innovation, recently collaborating on our new Enterprise Data Stewarding service and enhanced Enterprise to 3E conversion model.

We are also at the forefront of the development of the Data Insights offering implementing and consulting to both 3E and Enterprise clients looking to build their Business Intelligence capability.

Our services partnership for Elite Design Gallery draws on our extensive experience of creating compliant bill templates for global firms; our expertise in VAT, masking and other elements means that we have an unparalleled expertise in 3E.

We have been an Intapp partner since 2013 and cover the full range of the Intapp toolset. We are best know for our experience on Intapp’s Open and Flow products which supports the technology element of our Risk Management & NBI business although we use other elements of their product suite to solve the overall client need.

We achieved Intapp OPEN –We started our first implementation June 2014 – making us one of the first UK-based implementation Partners. Currently, we have the most Intapp-certified consultants of any global consultancy, reflecting the growing demand for this specialist skill set.

As part of our OPEN work we have developed a number of templates and also delivered a number of CWIDs on the Flow platform. In 2016 we extended the partnership to include Intapp Time, and in 2018 Intapp Pricing and Experience; all are implemented by specialist practice teams. We also have a small but focused security and Intapp Walls expertise.

Faster, better

Our commitment to these two partnerships and the tight product set means that we deliver projects with these tools faster and better than if we were more general technology implementers or developers.

It also means that we are closely wired in to the development roadmaps of these products so can influence their direction in ways that benefit our clients, as well as innovate confidently around new methodologies and service offerings.