We work with the people who create the technology you depend on

We’re experts in the critical business applications you use because we have long-standing partnerships with the companies who create them. We’ve been working alongside both Elite and Intapp for many years now. We help them develop their products. Then we help you get the maximum value, opportunity and advantage from them.

We specialise in leveraging Microsoft’s Power Platform, Azure Integration Services and Teams to help law firms build more agility into their business processes.

Our long-term relationship with Bureau van Dijk has been instrumental in driving data quality standards forward and enabling us to innovate for the benefit of both 3E and Intapp users.

We also have a long-established partnership with iManage. Our knowledge of their applications means we can help you create an advanced document management system and work more productively.

We’re able to maintain this expert level of support because we focus on the legal sector and the specific technologies you use.

This means we can help our partners develop new products that will meet your specific business needs. And it means we deliver projects with these technologies faster and better than if we had a more general focus.

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