Ensure the success of your marketing and BD initiatives

As a CMO, you’re keenly aware how important strategic marketing and business development are to the success of your firm. But, faced with a deluge of day-to-day activities— lead generation, managing events, responding to RFPs, developing pitches, supporting partners—you and your team struggle to balance the competing demands of the tactical and the routine. Technology can help, but only if you use it well.

Get the balance right

We can help you get the most from your technology investments. We can help you align your strategy and goals with the right-sized implementations, supported by appropriate change management activities.

Whether you want to move to an entirely new technology platform or get more from your current applications, we apply the same principles to make sure your marketing and business development initiatives succeed.

We can help

  • Plan: Define success and align with goals
  • Implement: Design, configure/customise, integrate systems, convert data
  • Change: Align your communication, training and performance measurement to drive long-term success


Client Relationship Management (CRM)

What is CRM?

Law firms have been using CRM technologies for more than 20 years. However, for most its impact has been limited. This is because firms have relied on their software provider’s definition of success, rather than creating their own.

Part of the problem is that CRM means different things to different people. In legal, it has mostly been used as a tool to manage contacts and mailing lists.

We believe CRM is a client-focused strategy that will help you optimise your client relationships and align your behaviours and service delivery so they drive profits. While there are CRM technologies, CRM, in and of itself, is not a technology.

Ultimately, your CRM and its goals should be specific to your firm and its success measured against your firm’s current needs and objectives

How we can help
  • Carry out a capability and maturity analysis to assess your CRM readiness i.e. how CRM can impact your firm today, along with a longer-term plan for the future
  • Analyse the ROI you realize from your CRM
  • Redesign and deploy your CRM process: key client programs, BD for lawyers, opportunity management
  • Implement and configure/customize your CRM technology to support your marketing and BD processes
  • Integrate your CRM with your financial and intake/compliance systems e.g. new matter workflows initiated upon successful close of opportunity in CRM
  • Convert your data
  • Train your teams to use your CRM


Experience Management & Proposal Generation

What is experience management?

Experience management technology captures and communicates your firm’s collective experience and expertise, both internally and externally.

It is critical for:

  • Branding and winning new business
  • Integrating lateral partners into the firm
  • Improving collaboration beyond “pardon the interruption” emails

The technology allows you to generate content for proposals automatically, making the whole process quicker, easier and more consistent. Your lawyers will be able to “self-serve” the information they need at the click of a button. As law firms are responding to more and more RFPs and producing more and more pitch and proposal documents, this capability is invaluable.

How we can help
  • Develop experience management use cases relevant for your firm
  • Implement the software and configure client, matter and lawyer profiles
  • Develop pitch and proposal templates
  • Define and configure client and matter profiling workflows
  • Integrate systems with financial and intake/compliance systems to quantify experience and expertise, and track relevant matter parties and relationships


Relationship Intelligence

What is Relationship Intelligence?

Where experience management answers questions about “what”, relationship intelligence answers questions about “who”. Who at the firm knows who at the client and who in the firm has the best relationships.

Our data quality management tool automatically keeps your key contact information up-to-date and notifies your lawyers and marketing team about new and updated information.  Plus, it integrates with your CRM.

How we can help
  • Plan to deploy the tool
  • Implement and configure the software
  • Integrate and test it with your CRM system
  • Train your teams to use the tool


Make sure your marketing and BD initiatives succeed

Christopher Young