Enjoy maximum value from your finance systems

We can help you get the best value from your finance applications while cutting your risk. We’ve worked with more than 60 law firms from around the world, helping them do just this. So you can be sure our expertise in this area is second to none.

We can help you install, upgrade and customize your finance applications to suit your specific needs. We can support you from the initial planning stages right through to training your staff team. We have experience working with 3E, Enterprise and associated applications such as Intapp and ChromeRiver.

Even if you use your financial applications across a complex, global setup, we can make sure they support each other and work together for you.

We can help you:

  • Design and configure a finance system that will support your specific business strategy

  • Plan and prepare to introduce a new system

  • Launch and implement your new system

  • Customize Enterprise and 3E Financial Management to meet your specific needs

  • Through the use of specialists in our team, access specific financial expertise, for example on local tax or international compliance, and provide expertise to review and modify processes

  • With on-going strategy, development, testing and training

Profit from your finance applications. Get in touch with us today.

Finance Systems Practice Lead

Clare Denby