Connecting Teams to Time

With our Teams to Time connector, Intapp Time will automatically capture all the calls and meetings you carry out on Microsoft Teams.

The connector communicates between the two platforms using Intapp Integrate and a Microsoft LogicApp we developed in-house.

It hooks in your contacts database or CRM to match all incoming and outgoing telephone calls on Teams. It then links these calls to a suggested client or matter.

Everything happens automatically and unobtrusively in the background. Each call is logged in the Captured Time window. Call timings are recorded in the normal way. All your fee earner has to do is add some narrative and post the entry.

Time to teams

You can access the connector if you use Intapp Time 7+ or Intapp Time in the Cloud. Standard implementation is less than a day; slightly longer for certain CRM integrations.

Connect Teams to Time today.

Christopher Young