Pinnacle’s Web Services Framework allows you to integrate your Elite Enterprise system more tightly. You’ll boost your process efficiency while you maintain full validation.

Enterprise has a standard processing model flow:

  1. The client writes to a temp table (or tables) on the DB server.
  2. The client sends a message to the Enterprise application server over a specific TCP port with the appropriate messaging structure to process data in the temp tables.
  3. The application server carries out the processing required and updates a table with the result of its processing.
  4. The client PC reads the result and carries on or reports an error.

Benefit from access to all Enterprise functionality

Our Web Service Framework encapsulates this communication process between a client and the servers so that any third-party software that can consume a standard SOAP web service can now access all Enterprise functionality programmatically. Since the Elite application server is processing the request, all Elite’s standard validation, auditing and logging is adhered to.

Integrations you can’t get from Elite

By using our communications layer, and constructing a web service layer on top, we can give you a large number of integrations that are not available from Elite:

  • ClientCreate
  • CostTransfer
  • CostWriteOff
  • MatterCreate
  • PostOfficeReceipt
  • PostPrepaidVoucher
  • PostTrustPayment
  • PostTrustReceipt
  • PostTrustTransfer
  • PostVoucher
  • PostVoucherFullPayment
  • ReprintInvoice
  • RevalueWIPCostClient
  • RevalueWIPCostMatter
  • RevalueWIPTimeClient
  • RevalueWIPTimeMatter
  • ReverseInvoice
  • ReverseReceipt
  • TimecardAdd
  • TimecardTransfer
  • TimecardUpdateNarrative
  • TimecardWriteOff

Boost your process efficiency whilst maintaining full validation