Data Quality Monitor

We designed Monitor as a system agnostic product that will run as an automated process on any of your systems. You can use it to check Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, InterAction, Intapp Open and other databases for inconsistencies and other data issues. You’ll find it especially useful when you migrate data from a legacy to a new system.

Ensure both your system and financial integrity

Monitor runs a series of scripts on a user-defined schedule to highlight both system and financial integrity. For example, where a matter references a client it will determine that the client actually exists. It will check that the sum of billed time on an invoice is equal to the fees amount on that invoice. And it will check that the sum of outstanding bills is equal to the unpaid bills control account.

Monitor can also run checks that span data sources. This means you can verify, for example, that the clients in your project management system, such as Elite 3E, are the same as the clients in your risk system, such as Intapp Open. This gives you helpful confirmation that your integrations are running as planned.

A clear dashboard and automatic alerts

Monitor presents results in a ‘Checks and Issues’ dashboard. This gives you a visual summary of the issue counts and allows you to split issues into categories and groups. The tool will also automatically alert groups of specialists via a  dashboard that shows the status of checking and details of any issues found.


Pinnacle monitor dashboard


Available as client self-service or a managed service

You can take each data quality management tool on its own or as part of a complete suite for your internal teams to manage.

Alternatively, we can provide the tools on a fully managed service basis. This means you’ll benefit from the support of our data specialists who will carry out any necessary investigation and remedial work.

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