Get Time on your side

The ability to record time has long been a basic requirement of the technology law firms depend on. Today, as firms seek to monitor work against budget more accurately, time recording is growing in significance. This is true for both pricing and project management. There is also a drive to ensure that time entries and the consequent billing meet outside counsel guidelines, to minimize the risk that bills will be rejected and collections delayed.

At the same time, across the globe, law firms are working hard to improve their productivity, efficiency, profitability, competitiveness and client value. You need to know how your biggest cost base applies its time. You need your bills to be accepted first time. And you need to improve how you collect your data.

As a long-term partner to Intapp, we have extensive experience working with its Time system. We can implement the system for you and integrate it with Terms, with Elite 3E or with other major finance systems. This gives you a seamless way to produce your invoices.

Our knowledge of Intapp Time is personal. We’re trained in its application and use Time 8 ourselves. This data feeds into our 3E finance system and we combine Time 8 data with 3E data to run our reporting and dashboarding on Elite Data Insights. This experience gives us an unrivalled depth of understanding of the pressures and challenges you face.

We can help you:

  • Integrate Time with Microsoft Teams to simplify and improve time entry for lawyers and billable staff

  • Integrate BD time entries with your CRM system to complete the 360-degree view of client activities

  • Integrate Intapp Time with your finance systems so they work together seamlessly.

  • Transition from on-premises time recording to new cloud-based technologies.

  • Ensure automation and AI relieve as much of your time recording burden as possible.

  • Use the Terms product Compliance Time so you can maintain the highest levels of compliance and bill hygiene.

  • Realize higher-quality data through change management and training to ensure your staff fully adopt your new systems.

  • Use Time data to inform your pricing and give legal project managers real-time visibility of burn rate.

  • Incorporate Time data into your management reporting and performance analytics.

Make sure Time is working for you. Get in touch with us today.

Time Recording Practice Lead

Christopher Young