Why we’re leaders in our field

Pinnacle is one of the world’s leading enterprise technology consultancies. We work with national, international and boutique law firms, helping them implement and optimize the software they depend on.

We’re long-term strategic partners of Thomson Reuters and Intapp. We know their Elite and Intapp portfolios inside out, help develop them and even run our own business on the software. This means we have unparalleled knowledge of the systems our clients use.

We are a Microsoft partner with specialisation in the Power Platform, Azure Integration Services, and Microsoft Teams. We help our clients to be more productive by connecting and exposing their line of business systems in ways that work better for their lawyers and staff.

Along with our technical expertise, we all also have an in-depth understanding of the business needs and demands law firms face. We’ve seen the challenges and threats you need to overcome and understand your ambitions. So we use all our knowledge and experience to help you get maximum value, opportunity and advantage from the business systems you’ve invested in.

Your focus is our focus

We’ve structured our services under four core business areas. Each of our teams is multi-skilled and includes application consultants, data experts, developers, change and project managers, trainers and managed service leads. This means you can depend on us to always give you the most efficient and effective support.

Like you, we’re continually improving

We’re continually refining our methodologies, developing new products, collaborating and sharing with our partners and clients. Because we always want to achieve the optimal, never just the acceptable. For you and for ourselves.

You’ll benefit from our unrivalled resource

We have breadth and depth across our entire team and operational hubs across the world. So you can depend on us to help you with all your critical business applications, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.

Our International reach

Our Unmatched track record

Given the enormity of the task and the pressure we were all under, I was both pleased and relieved that we had their knowledge, their enthusiasm and their unstinting support to help us drive the project through

Nick Pond

Integreon, program manager for the CMS /Nabarro/Olswang merger