Why we’re leaders in our field

Today, Pinnacle has grown to be one of the world’s foremost legal consultancies. We focus on helping international, national and boutique law firms implement and optimise their systems and processes.

We’re also a leading partner of both Thomson Reuters Elite (TRE) and Intapp. All of which means we have the capacity and expertise to be your trusted partner.

And because we only work with law firms, we have an in-depth understanding of your business needs and the demands you face.

Your focus is our focus

We’ve structured our services under three core business areas and nine specialist practice teams. Although discrete, our teams work closely together, so you have access to expert and flexible support across the full range of your key business activity.

Like you, we’re continually improving

We’re continually refining our methodologies, developing new products, collaborating and sharing with our partners and clients. Because we always want to achieve the optimal, never just the acceptable. For you and for ourselves.

You’ll benefit from our unrivalled resource

We have breadth and depth across our entire team and operational hubs across the world. So you can depend on us to help you with all your critical business applications, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.

Our International reach

Our Unmatched track record

Our Senior team

Pinnacle’s senior team is much respected and very much hands-on.  Mike Bailey, Christopher Young, Neil Renfrew, Kevin Smith, Sue Emirali, Tony Pullman and Bob Beach all work directly with clients every day.

And they each have a track record of more than 20 years that together encompasses everything from frontline fixing to high-level consulting across finance, risk, business process, development, and organisational change.

Their cumulative knowledge and experience is at the forefront of everything we do.