NetDocuments is a trusted cloud-based content management and productivity platform that helps legal professionals do their best work. With over 20 years of experience in cloud innovation, NetDocuments supports 3,700+ corporate legal departments, law firms, and public sector entities with solutions that drive better user experiences and business outcomes.

Our partnership ensures that our consultants understand the capabilities of NetDocuments software and can effectively implement it and put all the necessary integrations in place with other key business applications. For our clients, this ensures an intelligently connected IT infrastructure that leverages data to its highest potential and delivers a single source of truth.

The solutions we design are built and tested in a secure sandbox environment provided by NetDocuments. Pinnacle can also get the oversight and support of specialists from NetDocuments directly to ensure that integrations and utilities run smoothly from day one in production.

Pinnacle also provides ongoing support for NetDocuments applications, working alongside the vendor’s teams. Our managed service focuses on ensuring the uninterrupted and efficient functioning of the configurations built upon the core platform and providing guidance on how to develop them further.


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