What makes or breaks a project in law firms more often than not comes down to the implementation approach rather than the technology or the change programme itself. Guiding something new from the initial idea to successful roll out requires a detailed understanding of the subject of the project as well as the cultural nuances of your firm.

Pinnacle has always been renowned for understanding the art of the possible in how technologies and business processes can come together to work as a perfectly coordinated dynamic whole. Much of this success can be traced back to having teams with an in-depth, local understanding. Cultural understanding and jurisdictional knowledge to be exact. The pedigree of Pinnacle and the reason we work with our clients in a partnership approach is to bring this unique local awareness into our delivery, which we know to be a critical success factor for any project.

Europe is a complex and fascinating case. With so many diverse cultures bordering, the culture of firms also differ to various degrees. The way new initiatives need to be positioned for buy in, the project management and training approach all call for the intelligence that you can only have when you’re on the ground.

Pinnacle’s expansion first to North America and more recently further into Europe in line with this insight was a conscious strategic choice, so we can deliver the highest quality services to our clients.

Our European team, incorporated under Dutch law, is based in the Netherlands. From here, our specialist business and technology consultants work with law firms across the continent to achieve ambitious goals and solve intricate challenges. They are the critical link that allows us to connect our global intelligence with an in-depth local understanding giving us the physical scale and jurisdictional know-how to support firms at both a national and international level; to bring the best thinking and execution from around the world to local markets.  From the roll-out of a pan-continental finance system to a discrete local compliance project, you can benefit from our skills and expertise wherever you are and whenever you need us.

Whilst our European team, headed by CEO, Michiel van Aken, is vital to making projects on the continent a global scale success, they are also key in enhancing the quality of our services and products globally. As a business we believe in diversity and the opportunities it creates. Having expanded with people who bring different experiences to the team we systematically see how our ability to think outside the box to find the best fit solutions for our clients has increased.

Specifically in the Netherlands we are working with different large firms on putting in place robust risk processes, optimising finance processes as well as working with others to develop a change and adoption programme.  Also, one of our more transformational streams of consulting work is an ongoing enhancement programme. We are working with a leading firm, like the Sky cycling team, to identify opportunities for “marginal gains” to continuously improve the overall process spanning across document management, financial process optimisation, client engagement, risk and AML automation and more. In many cases, firms have a fairly strong grip of the main issues but connecting links or cross-departmental inefficiencies might go overlooked. These individually smaller scale improvement areas can and are delivering super-returns as they streamline workflows and facilitate a more dynamic way of working.

These ongoing projects that deliver continuous marginal gains truly call for the cultural understanding. Knowing to the finest details how our clients want to work, the struggles that certain departments face to the deepest levels and having a first-hand insight into the technological and business ecosystem that they have in place.  Our team in Europe delivers on this necessity for cultural awareness and gives us an unparalleled ability to implement the right technologies and business processes fit for our clients throughout the European continent.