The Pinnacle consulting will launch a new offering at this year’s VANTAGE conference that is set to radically reshape the Enterprise to 3E migration process.

Data Priming will unlock an enhanced conversion model by helping firms get ‘data fit’ before they start their 3E projects. During a pre-implementation phase, the Enterprise data is cleansed and culled to achieve the requisite levels of data hygiene, accuracy, relevance and integrity needed for a smooth, frictionless conversion

Pinnacle’s finance and application specialists will use advanced toolsets to find and fix issues quickly and efficiently in an initial project, before switching to a maintenance programme of on-going monitoring/remediation in the run up to the conversion phase.

The team manages four key processes:
  • Balancing – eliminating any errors to ensure the system is financially in balance
  • Data integrity – dealing with issues such as orphaned records, invalid numbers, and missing entries to secure referential master data integrity
  • Data quality – Ensuring that data entry is being undertaken consistently and completely and with no duplicated records
  • Data scoping – A one-time exercise to cull the dataset to be migrated by anything up to 60%

The right-sized, high-grade data set that results is designed to tee up a faster, more predictable and assured first test conversion, as well as minimise the number of subsequent tests needed before go-live.

In addition, ‘data fitness’ gives the option of an early Strategy Conversion, where users will get to preview their cleansed Enterprise data, together with set-ups, in 3E. This has the benefit of providing firms with crucial visibility of their own data to support the strategy development process.

Pinnacle’s Kevin Smith comments: “It’s hard to overestimate the importance of getting your data in shape well ahead of your first test conversion. Not only does it make for a shorter, smoother initial test but it also minimises the number of subsequent tests needed – most firms should only need a couple of trial runs before going live, which helps keep project timings and budgets very much on track.

There’s also huge advantage in having your own data available at such an early stage. It takes 3E planning away from the purely theoretical to the real and relevant: you can start working through different set-ups and processes with your data months ahead of your first test.  You can also undertake critical integration testing earlier in the project cycle, again with proper data. Together Data Priming and early Strategy Conversion can significantly accelerate and derisk the migration process, with client resource freed up from wrangling data to focus on higher value tasks.”


For more information on Data Priming and Strategy Conversions, please contact
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