Pinnacle rolls out Intapp DealCloud

DealCloud gets Pinnacle vote

Following on from its roll-out of TRE’s 3E and Data Insights solutions and more recently its adoption of Intapp Time 8, legal technology consultancy Pinnacle has now gone live with Intapp DealCloud to drive its CRM/BD activity.

Running its own business on the solutions of its partners is a unique characteristic of the international consulting group, providing both its staff and its clients with invaluable experience and perspective.

BD practice lead Christopher Young comments: “You can’t truly know a product until you’ve deployed it in a real-world situation and stress tested it. We’re not running up some test lab for these solutions, we’re entrusting our whole business to them so we are fully invested. We need to understand how to get the best out of them for our own ends; but in so doing, we are also accumulating practical knowhow and learning that we can share with clients. If that helps deliver a faster, more productive CRM project, then it’s a win-win.

The way we manage our relationships is very similar to how law firms conduct theirs – and the typical linear pipeline model doesn’t allow for the complexities of professional services firms and the web of interactions, people, projects and experience that drive business development. DealCloud gives us one place to view clients, prospects and networks, our communications and conversations, our histories and opportunities. That provides a whole new level of insight and intelligence that can be directed into servicing existing clients and engaging with new ones.”

Pinnacle has grown rapidly over the past five years, with a team of 80 international consultants running projects across five continents. Continues Christopher: “We have some really strong business development consulting expertise in the UK and the US – with Bob Beach, Bryan Austin and myself.  We are drawing this expertise together and systematically deploying DealCloud across the business process by process.  The first process to be underpinned by the technology is opportunity management. This will be followed by account management and relationship management in the UK, US and Europe – taking another step towards the Intapp vision of unifying the client lifecycle.”