Data Insights for Enterprise – Pinnace shares insight on smoother migration path

The Pinnacle consulting group will use this year’s VANTAGE worldwide conference as a launch platform for the ‘ Data Insights for Enterprise ’ offering.

Pinnacle has been working closely with TRE for the past year to reengineer TRE’s powerful 3E Data Insights solution, so that it can now be deployed by Enterprise clients

This development enables those firms using Enterprise to secure a step-change in the quality of analytics, dashboarding and visualisations today both in the office and on mobile.  It allows them to drive change and shape firm success well in advance of any 3E implementation.

Come the time to migrate it will ensure that they enjoy a seamless transition, with the promise of complete continuity and consistency of user experience alongside the increased functionality.

Pinnacle’s specialist team of BI experts will provide the full suite of consultancy, implementation, training and support services, bringing together Pinnacle’s deep domain knowledge of legal systems and content with its Power BI and database expertise.

The ability for Enterprise clients to take advantage of Data Insights today gives them an invaluable opportunity to realise some early benefits of 3E well ahead of any implementation.

It’s part of a broader initiative that Pinnacle is taking to address some of the challenges of moving from Enterprise to 3E, with the aim of securing a faster, more assured and efficient transition between the two systems.

Pinnacle’s Mike Bailey explains: “Change Management is key to the success of any project, with this in mind we have identified four separate areas which all lend themselves to some new thinking and fresh approaches.  They all share the same end game: a smoother, sharper and smarter move to 3E.

Data Insights for Enterprise is one of the four, but we are also launching Data Priming, which we see as having the potential to transform and de-risk the data conversion phase of the project.

We are also leveraging both the Intapp platform and Design Gallery to allow change to be made well in advance of full migration which will in turn take key work-streams in a normal 3E project away from the critical path.

This is all about accelerating and de-risking 3E migration projects. Having been involved in over 100 3E projects, we really do have a very good grasp of what needs to happen to ensure success, and we’re sharing that learning with some very pragmatic solutions.”

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