Date: Wednesday, 1 November

Time: 11 am EDT / 3 pm GMT

Location: Zoom webinar

About the webinar

Intapp Conflicts is a powerful solution that law firms trust every day to do their legal conflict searches. However, broadening the search to dig deeper and get a richer image of the true party risk is imperative and an already existing process for most firms – using LexisNexis Accuity, Worldcheck PEP or Moody’s GRID. 

While these solutions combined give firms all the necessary party risk information in a roundabout way, we know that from a process and clarity perspective it would be much better to deliver these broader search results in the same Intapp Conflicts search window that people are already using. 

In this session, we will show you how you can continue leveraging the PEP, sanction and negative news insights from your external data provider of choice but do so from within Intapp Conflicts. As a result, your firm can eliminate the switching cost of moving between platforms and benefit from the combined, broader data insights that paint a true picture of party risks. 

Meet the speakers

Christopher Young

Director, Head of Risk & NBI Practices

Katarina Pranjic

Head of Regulation and Policy

Our webinar partner