Date: Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Time: 11 am EDT / 4 pm BST

Location: Zoom Webinar

Session Outline

Data is scattered around business applications in every law firm. If out of date, duplicated, not in synch across systems, inconsistently formatted or with records incomplete; that wealth of data holds little business value. Not only is it unhelpful in informing decision-makers, but it can also be harmful or misleading.  

In today’s firms where the drive for data-led decision-making is unceasing, data integrity is of the essence.  

In this Product Briefing, we will introduce you to four products: Data Quality Monitor, Real-Time Lookup, Entity Merge and Address Cleanse.  

Each application aids different data quality concerns. Some of them focus on solving issues that are more burning for certain departments, like bad address data for risk or finance teams. Others are system agnostic and can support the entire business to deliver a single truth consistently reflected in every system. 

And all of them have been designed to support you in achieving reliable data that inform decision-making.  


  • Sources of data quality issues 
  • How they impact different departments across the business 
  • Real-time Lookup
  • Address Cleanse
  • Data Quality Monitor
  • Entity Merge

Meet the Speakers

Gareth Thomas

Head of Global Sales

Paul Knox

Head of Development

Our Webinar Partner