Join Pinnacle for an exclusive half-day event hosted together with our partner, Intapp, as we look at how law firms can drive profitable growth, increased efficiency and better compliance through interoperability.

Date and time: 14:00 CET, 19 April 2023

Location: Bech-Bruun, Langelinie Allé 35, 2100 Copenhagen

Event overview

The value of using data to see the context around law firms’ operations is now universally acknowledged. It has the potential to give firms the strategic insights to optimise resource allocation; identify up-sell and cross-sell potential more readily; manage risks more confidently and the list goes on.

Most firms are now using Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards that communicate insights, however, most of them continue to look at data from a single department and therefore, they only tell part of the story.

The real opportunity of multiplexing information from systems across the firm remains largely untapped. Interoperability – making systems and data work together – holds an immense potential to help legal businesses run smarter.

During this afternoon event, we look at the challenges and opportunities on the agendas of Nordic law firms and how they can use software and their data across departments to grow, run more efficiently and have even tighter control over their compliance.

From choosing the right applications to capture insights, through implementing them the right way for the firm, all the way to building out that smart interconnectedness – our conversations will cover all key stages of the journey to interoperability that drives strategy.


Nordic legal market shifts

While many of the changes in legal market dynamics apply to firms universally around the globe, certain challenges and opportunities remain unique to the Nordics. From recent changes in Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations through a battle with economies of scale in finance departments, unique trends are shaping the strategic goals of firms. In this session, we look at the state of the market and how firms are responding to it.

Dissection through discussion – what are firms’ strategic goals and how can technology underpin their delivery

Our panel of Nordic law firm leaders discuss their key priorities for the next 18 months and the strategies they are using to capitalise on opportunities and overcome challenges. The session will cover perspectives from all departments of the firm and how they relate to one another.

The art of the possible and the barriers that stop us from getting there – growth, compliance and efficiency

Valuable data is captured by the minute inside and outside law firms, yet most firms’ operations still tend to run with their departments in silos. Interoperability – making various systems and their data work together – creates a much richer context around the opportunities and risks impacting the business. We look at how firms can make their software work harder for them and how to prepare for the challenges along the journey to get there.

Making technology work for you and your objectives

Business requirements need to drive your decisions about software. Never the other way around. In this session, we talk about how to prepare your department for new technology to ensure adoption and the achievement of outcomes that your business is looking for.

Who should attend

The event gathers strategic leaders across the C-suite of Nordic law firms, who look to move their firm ahead and achieve goals smarter, with better optimised resources.

We welcome:

  • GCs, Heads or Risk & Compliance
  • Chief Finance Officers, Heads of Finance Systems
  • Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Innovation Leaders
  • Chief Information Officers, Heads of IT
  • Chief Marketing & BD Officers, Heads of Bids, Senior BD and Client Service Leaders


Gareth Thomas

Head of Global Sales

Michiel van Aken

Principal Consultant and CEO, Eurpoe

Christopher Young

Head of Risk & NBI and BD Practices, CMO

Our event partner