Date: 21 September 2023

Time: 11 am EDT / 4 pm

Location: Zoom Webinar

About the Webinar

Managed service, the business system support model that augments internal teams with third-party expert capabilities, is increasingly adopted by firms of all sizes to meet everyday system requirements and longer-term strategic IT goals alike. Done right, it can add a perfect complementary force to your existing in-house resources to meet the demands for BAU support, data integrity assurance, management of integrations, continuous improvements, cloud readiness planning and more. 

But, where a managed service partner brings the most value, changes from firm to firm… 

How can you scope and plan for the deliverables of an expert-extended team to get the best returns?  

What are the best practices of combining managed service capabilities to keep moving ahead with your existing software investments?  

In this Masterclass you will hear from leaders at Dentons and Trowers & Hamlins about how they use managed services to increase the capacity and capability of their teams to deliver more value from their existing software investments. They will share first-hand experiences about how they work with their extended team day to day and the benefits the managed service brings to their respective firm. 


  • What is a managed service and what types of activities can it cover 
  • How to get the scope right to make it work alongside your internal team 
  • How to work with your managed service provider to get the best out of their capabilities 
  • Done right, what difference does it make to have a managed services team working with you 

Meet the Speakers

Gareth Thomas

Head of Global Sales

Tony Pullman

COO and Co-Head of Managed Services

Our Masterclass Partner