Great business decisions are made when you have the right processes and powerful technologies in place.

Meet our team to learn more about the fundamental building blocks of reliable profitability models that you can use to inform key business decisions with confidence.

Drive profitable business decisions

Capturing key operational data, keeping it clean, consistent and complete and turning it into dynamic visual intelligence is the future of successful decision making.

We have long been working with law firms to strengthen every fundamental building block in the process. Seeing all the elements as a part of the bigger picture is key to delivering the desired outcomes. On their own, none of these building blocks can meaningfully improve decision making.

Great visual intelligence is of little value when based on bad data. Similarly, perfect, comprehensive data only helps so much if you can’t connect the right dots to find insights. Without every fundamental building block in order, law firms can never have complete confidence in their profitability calculations.


Talk to our team at the Law Firm Profitability Summit about our services and software that can help your firm rely on your data with confidence, find meaningful insights and drive better business decisions!


Time Policy Manager

Prompt and accurate time recording is at the heart of firms’ healthy operations, reducing lockup and improving billing processes, cash flow and profitability. Time Policy Manager automates the chasing of missing time, ensuring that time recording behaviour is in compliance with your firm’s policies. The application has been designed to complement your existing time recording software and policies. It helps you to maximize the revenue you can achieve by ensuring that every unit of time is accounted for accurately.


Data Quality Monitor

As a system agnostic product, Data Quality Monitor runs automated data audits across your systems to find inconsistent or incomplete data. Continuously monitoring these critical sources of problems means that the right teams can take immediate intervention. With no bad data feeding into business reports you can make more profitable business decisions with confidence. Data Quality Monitor ensures that everyone across the firm refers to the same, comprehensive data set and comes to the same conclusions. It also reduces the cost of remedying data issues, which rapidly escalate over time.

Managed Services

Proactive data monitoring and improvement

Our teams can take over the laborious work involved in continuously monitoring and addressing data quality issues. Using our own Data Quality Monitor as a part of our managed service we augment Pinnacle’s signature data checks with those specific to your firm’s processes and systems landscape. When issues arise our teams proactively work through the problems starting with the ones highest on the priority list. The ongoing monitoring and remedying process can give you the confidence you need to focus on profitable decision making


Dynamic visual intelligence with Power BI

Business Intelligence dashboards have to surface the right data, for the right individuals so that they can make decisions that improve performance and drive growth. We understand the different types and levels of insights operational leaders across departments need to achieve profitable outcomes. The dashboards we build for you focus on showing the right insights in a clear and simple way. It allows you to instantly see the most important details about your business and drill deeper in the data where you need to. This way making data-driven decisions becomes more efficient and easily done across the firm.

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