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Our highly intuitive proposal automation software allows you to effortlessly pull information into custom created templates, refocussing your time to gathering and creating closely customised content whilst making sure that the final outcome is always on brand. PitchPerfect will see your firm meeting the increasing demand for bespoke proposals without compromising on output quality.

  • Faster turnaround
  • Robust branding
  • High-quality customisation

Managed services

The technological ecosystem of every firm needs constant monitoring to maximise operational efficiency and the returns from the CRM and experience management project long-term. Maintaining balance within the ecosystem requires ongoing investment in the expert knowledge needed for the environment to thrive. Pinnacle’s Managed Services Team understands the key applications within your law firm’s technology ecosystem and makes sure that your firm continues to maximise the return on the investment in these products. If your firm is looking to improve business processes, deliver upgrades or migrate to a cloud environment the Pinnacle Managed Services Team can be your partner.

  • Actioning version upgrades and system integrations
  • Building product extensions to increase opportunities
  • Simplifying solutions to keep with the IT and business strategy roadmap
  • Ensuring ongoing data hygiene and relevance
  • Application support calling on Pinnacle’s extensive SME user base, which means that support issues are dealt with by subject matter experts as opposed to a scripted helpdesk

Partner systems we can get to work better for you

  • Thomson Reuters Elite 3E and associated products and solutions
  • Intapp OnePlace for Marketing & Business Development
  • iManage


CRM and experience management

Beyond managing relationships, a successful CRM and experience management strategy drives commercial success and operational efficiency. Backed by a thorough analysis of your firm’s CRM maturity and existing systems in place, our specialists work with you to identify the best processes and technologies to maximise business returns.

  • Redesigning and deploying strategies
  • Implementing and configuring technologies
  • Integrating complementary applications

Intapp OnePlace for Marketing & Business Development

The Intapp solution gives marketing professionals the tools they need to develop effective pitches and campaigns, track the ROI of their efforts, enhance firm reputation, and optimize client retention strategies. You’ll enjoy access to your firm’s most current and relevant information with minimal input.

Peppermint CX365

Developed using Microsoft Dynamics, Peppermint offers a highly customisable platform that brings together all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high-performing legal business.

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