Are you capturing the data that matters and use it to answer the questions that make a difference?

Data analytics is on every law firm M&BD leader’s agenda but making the most of the intel on hand is easier said than done.

Most data available and the corresponding analytics dashboards are looking at the past – showing trends or patterns already behind us. Law firms also don’t have the luxury of huge databases, like FMCG brands do – making any conclusion based on comparatively small numbers.

In an economic environment with few constants these mean that predictive analytics is extremely difficult.

That doesn’t make data analytics any less relevant – it means that we need to get smarter about it.

The questions we will answer at this event

  • What data are firms gathering and how?
  • What are the goals of data analytics and how to prioritise them?
  • How can we cross departmental boundaries to uncover better insights?
  • What are the best practices of data visualisation?
  • What talent do firms need and how do they need to structurally organise themselves to make the most of data?

Meet the speakers and the Pinnacle team

Christopher Young

Jo Cooper

Tracey Rodgers

Liv Reed

Charlotte Takacs

Our event partner