Join our ILTA Masterclass and learn how to deliver more value with your business systems teams for an increased ROI on your existing applications!

Date: 15 June 2023

Time: 12 pm ET

Location: Zoom Webinars

Session Overview

The opportunity and expectation to deliver value through technology has never been greater. Whether it’s implementing new emergent technologies, increased adoption pressures, upgrades to existing products, migration to the cloud, or greater integration expectations from your users—there is a great demand on internal business teams to be across all of it. Yet, high-quality, specialist tech expertise is hard to find, expensive to onboard, and even harder to keep.

How can you plan differently to get the most value out of your existing applications, even if you have a business systems team that is stretched to capacity?

In this masterclass we will discuss how you can structure and resource your key business application teams to create a healthy balance between application maintenance and continuous improvement. The frameworks, strategic questions, and change management considerations we cover will serve as a guide for you to optimize your approach to delivering high-quality results beyond just maintaining “business as usual”. You will leave this session equipped with practical solutions to help you ensure better data quality, timely upgrades, robust integrations, improved user experience, and more!

Key Questions Covered

  • The barriers to getting more value out of your existing software
  • Challenges and opportunities related to key business systems
  • A new way to think about structuring your workload and teams around it
  • Driving innovation while “keeping the lights on”

Meet the Speakers

Gareth Thomas

Head of Global Sales

Tony Pullman

COO and Head of Business Transformation

Val Reece

COO - North America

Our Masterclass Partner