Join the Pinnacle team and your peer marketing and BD supremos at the annual PSMG conference, themed around business development and data analytics for the professional services marketer.

About the event

Most data that is available and the corresponding analytics dashboards are looking at the past, showing trends or patterns that are already behind us. Professional services firms also don’t have the luxury of huge databases, meaning that any conclusions are based on only a small sample.

In an economic environment with few constants these mean that predictive analytics is extremely difficult but it doesn’t make data analytics any less important or relevant – it just means we need to be smarter about it.

Changing your firm’s culture to use data to identify new opportunities

Join Pinnacle’s afternoon workshop!

Data around us is generated by the minute. Places and methods to capture it are widely available. But unless it is deeply embedded in your firm’s DNA to look for, track, combine and use insights to generate new and more profitable work, data is of little use. In this interactive workshop we talk about the strategies to meaningfully put data at the centre-stage of your firm’s thinking and actions.

From determining what data matters, the sources to get it, to practices to guide your BD decisions, you will leave more ready to be data-driven. As a part of the session, we will work through the strategic thinking that lets you turn media opportunities, like the Financial Times, into a profitable BD engine and swap the historically backward-looking information for predictive insights.


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