Date: 20 June 2023

Time: 2pm BST / 3pm CET

Location: Zoom Webinar

About this Webinar

Changing regulatory and ethical considerations in today’s market mean that law firms need better handle on the risks they are exposed to – and how risk exposure changes over time. Risk monitoring and assessment have to be real-time and consider even more layers of constantly changing information, such as reputational risk, that may not have been as relevant a few years ago.

Firms are aiming to run a successful business in an environment where regulatory compliance is expected at all costs. How can technologies and richer data help law firms manage their risks with confidence?

In this session, we will look at the information your firm needs at various stages of the client matter lifecycle, the integrations to data sources that can keep them up to date at the real pace of change and methodologies that can help risk and legal professionals collaboratively assess and control risk.

Meet the Speakers

Cindy Mundow

Pre Post Sales Engineer

Michiel van Aken

CEO - Europe, Principal Consultant

Our Webinar Partner