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Our client

A global top 20 law firm

The project

Our client depends on several core systems to run their law firm. They wanted ongoing support to make sure these systems continually run smoothly, are up to date and fit for purpose. We created a bespoke, flexible, managed service contract to provide expert support whenever they need it.

Systems supported
  • Elite 3E
  • Intapp Time, Open, Flow, Conflicts and Walls
  • iManage
The project’s scope

We created a managed service contract based on a flexible, fair usage arrangement. Rather than limit our client to ‘up to x hours’ or ‘up to y issues’ a month, the contract recognises their practical operational needs and the reality of varied resolution times.

Under the contract, our client can access our expert support whenever they need it, for as long as they need it. This means we can resolve more complex finance system issues over, for example, 20 hours, alongside more routine quick fixes, without each having to be negotiated as a discrete project with its own statement of works.

The initial contract was for the UK, but we have since added an extension to support our client’s US and European offices, with increased demand for iManage resources.


The contract allows us to be proactive and identify and remedy issues before they affect our client’s business.

As a result:

  • We are reducing our client’s issue count, particularly in respect of iManage
  • There is no risk of resource wars or compromised BAU delivery as there are clear criteria for hiving off projects and upgrades
  • We are resolving 150+ issues every month, improving performance across all our client’s systems
  • Our client has higher confidence that BAU is safeguarded across their global business

This project is about more than an assured supply of expert support to keep our client’s business-critical systems performing well. It’s about a new type of client/supplier relationship built on trust and confidence that goes beyond contractual norms to work in a way that really delivers for the client while still rewarding the supplier.

We’re taking a holistic approach without a narrow focus on hour caps and target times. We’re willing and able to do what’s necessary when it’s necessary – whether that’s devoting more time to trickier issues, adding skill sets or more ‘follow the sun’ provision.

Openness, honesty and maturity are at the heart of this project. We see it as a flag bearer for a new style of managed service predicated far more on beneficial outcomes than strict inputs/outputs.

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