CRM Success Webinar ad with Tony Pullman and Amy Fielek


CRM Success Part 2:  Encouraging adoption and user success

In the second webinar in our CRM Success series, in partnership with Intapp, we’re focusing on encouraging adoption and user success. 

Pinnacle Head of Business Transformation & Chief Operations Officer Tony Pullman, and Intapp Principal Consultant Amy Fielek will be discussing how to define, encourage and measure user success. They’ll share insights into how other firms have approached user success. And they’ll demonstrate how Intapp’s OnePlace Marketing and Business Development solution can help measure it.

During the webinar you’ll learn

    • Different ways to define and track user success
    • How to encourage user adoption at your firm
    • How user success can be measured in Intapp’s OnePlace Marketing & Business Development solution
Join them on November 19th 11am EDT / 4pm GMT

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This webinar is part 2 in our CRM Success series in partnership with Intapp.  You can catch up on the first webinar, Part 1 Defining value and acing implementation here