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Our client

A top 5 Netherlands law firm

The project

Our client wanted to replace their legacy risk and business acceptance tools with an Intapp-based New Business Intake tool that would integrate with their legacy PMS.

The project’s scope

We carried out full end-to-end delivery of the project. This included working with our client’s team to design and configure new workflows, automating AML and conflict checks and remediating duplicate entities and poor data hygiene. We laid the groundwork for Aderant to replace their PMS and introduced Master Data Management.

We also worked with our client to create and deliver a change management programme that helped their team quickly adopt the new practices.


Although this was a complex project, we completed it on schedule and with minimal disruption to our client’s day-to-day business.

They now have:

  • Transparency (with associated reporting) across their entire NBI and KYC process
  • An integrated approach to Legal Entity-based acceptance, verification and BD
  • Compliance across three European jurisdictions
  • A hub-and-spoke model for data governance and data propagation

There were many different technical, functional and organisational parts to this project. However, because of the skill of our team and the tailored change management programme we ran, we successfully completed it with next to no interruptions to our client’s operations.

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