Pinnacle case study automation of finance systesms
Our client

An Irish Top 10 firm

The project

We designed and delivered a system to automate our client’s payments process.


Although part of their process was automated, our client was still submitting the physical payments from their client accounts manually. They were making an average of 20 payments every day, with each transaction taking around 15 minutes.

This manual process was time consuming and exposed our client to a higher than necessary risk of rekeying errors. It also demanded an expanded ‘circle of trust’ as, to cope with the workload, they had to authorise a high number of senior staff to make the payments.

The project’s scope

We designed and installed an electronic batch file payment system to automate our client’s payments process. We revised their workflow so they could choose, approve and upload payments to the bank as a single batch file, then process and download them to update their own finance system.

  1. Our client is saving between 4 and 6 hours every day which is a huge boost to their cost efficiency.
  2. By eliminating the need to physically rekey each set of payment details, our client has increased accuracy. And they have virtually eliminated the need for investigations and remediations due to errors.
  3. Because payments can be managed by a smaller ‘circle of trust’ our client has been able to improve their security and spend more time on work that adds value.
  4. The resultant increase in speed, efficiency and accuracy has helped enhance the law firm’s service delivery and client satisfaction

This project is an excellent example of the powerful gains you can enjoy from a fix to what is a common problem.

Our expert team applied their mix of technical nous and understanding of how law firms work to transform an onerous, time-consuming task into an ultra-efficient, automatic process.


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