Pinnacle Intapp-OnePlace-for-Marketing-AmLaw-200-casestudy

Am Law 200 firm


Firm-wide implementation of Intapp OnePlace for Marketing – Experience

  • Typical experience management configuration of custom client, matter, experience, and lawyer profiles, dashboards and views
  • Integration with Elite 3E for client, matter, timekeeper and financial summary data
  • Integration with SiteCore website content management system for lawyer biographical information
  • Customer configuration of lawyer availability to assist with firmwide resource planning, especially for laterals – partners can search on and find lawyers with the required skills and experience and other demographics (i.e. location) AND that have availability
  • Our client now has access to experience information, which it never had previously – they can now ask – and answer – questions about who has done what and with which clients
  • Identification of lawyer availability is improving our client’s overall utilization and improving the onboarding and integration of laterals

This is an excellent example of how Experience can take a firm out of the darkness and  illuminate not just the capabilities across the firm but also the capacity of individuals to take on relevant work. Every day it’s brokering the best fit for the firm, matching work to lawyers and driving up efficiencies and revenues.


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