How we helped a UK top 50 law firm increase its support satisfaction rate from 40% to 96%


Our client:              

A UK Top 50 law firm

The project:            

We provided specialist staff under our managed services programme to back-fill a number of our client’s support roles. This meant they could release key members of their team to focus on the roll-out of new applications.

The project’s scope:

We provided our client with up to 240 hours per month of cover. Our expert consultants ran their remote service desk and managed the day-to-day support tickets for three of their business critical applications.


  • Our client had secure, critical support for the duration of their 18-month project
  • They were able to release 100% of the in-house resource they needed to implement their new system
  • Their average call-open time dropped from 30 days to 4 days
  • Their user satisfaction rate rose from 40% to 96%


This kind of project is exactly why we designed our managed services support. It allows you to free your internal teams from the pressures and distractions of their day job and fully commit to delivering your new programme.

This vital support will help you realise the full potential of your investments without compromising on the essential housekeeping support you provide across your business.


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