Paul Jenkins from HFW talks to Briefing about Pinnacle and Intapp Open
Paul Jenkins , head of IT projects and change at HFW talked to Briefing about how Pinnacle helped them get through the ups and downs of implementing Intapp Open.  And ahead of schedule!

This time last year, HFW was on a mission to update its systems. In addition to Microsoft Office, it was implementing and upgrading a variety of Intapp products to help it deal with timesheets (‘Time’), business acceptance (‘Intake’), confidentiality (‘Walls’) and risk management (‘Conflicts’). ‘Intapp Open’ (which streamlines business acceptance and the process of clearing conflicts) was also added to the mix.

It was quite the undertaking. Each product had to be configured to HFW’s specific business needs. Intapp Open, in particular, was a “massive headache” says Paul Jenkins, HFW’s head of IT projects and change. Incredibly, it was done ahead of schedule (Conflicts and Intake went live in December 2018). According to Jenkins, the success of the implementation owed much to Pinnacle, a consultancy that works specifically with law firms to implement and optimise business systems.

You can read about their journey here

Briefing March 19 issue 'Take on the System'