Pinnacle introduce Monitor transforming data quality management for Elite 3E, Enterprise, InterAction and Intapp Open
Legal technology consultancy Pinnacle has launched a new product and service designed to help firms secure a consistently high level of data quality and hygiene.

is a tool which runs as an automated process that is deliberately system agnostic.  It is used to check Elite 3E, Enterprise, InterAction, Intapp Open and other databases for any data issues and inconsistencies.

It executes a series of scripts on a user defined schedule to highlight both system integrity, (for example, that where a matter references a client, that client exists); and also financial integrity, (such as the ‘sum of billed time on invoice’ is equal to ‘fees amount on invoice’, or ‘sum of outstanding bills’ equals ‘unpaid bills control account’). In addition, checks can span data sources, so you are able to verify, say, that the client count in the PMS (3E for example) is the same as the client count in the Risk System (e.g. Intapp Open) – a useful confirmation that integrations are running as planned.

The results are shown in their own ‘Checks and Issues Dashboard’, which shows a visual summary of the issue count with the ability to split issues into categories so they can be passed to different teams to resolve. Summary and detailed reports can be emailed to support teams to encourage daily review and remediation.

Pinnacle introduce Monitor transforming data quality management for Elite 3E, Enterprise, InterAction and Intapp Open

Pinnacle’s Kevin Smith comments:

“Firms are always trying to improve data quality and Monitor gives them a huge helping hand. It will proactively and continuously check main systems’ data and encourage same or next day fixes, which will help keep systems synchronised, reporting accuracy enhanced and migrations on track. We expect strong take-up from teams such as IT service delivery, finance system, risk, and projects, as they are all committed to providing reliable outputs to the rest of the firm.”

The Monitor Tool is an integral part of Pinnacle’s Managed Service offering, allowing the Pinnacle team to proactively to identify and then work with clients to resolve data issues before they impact the business – allowing Finance teams to identify balancing issues, or IT teams to prevent integration failures, for example.

Alternatively, the tool can be licensed directly by clients to run on their own in which case it is shipped with integrity checks for Elite 3E or Enterprise.  The client’s own staff will then need to resolve the issues.

For more information about how Monitor can help you improve your data quality contact Kevin Smith