James Stringer joins Pinnacle as Trainee Azure BI Consultant

Pinnacle has seen unprecedented growth in the past year across all of its focus areas in finance, risk and marketing & BD, making the growth of our business intelligence team a natural part of that. We approach BI as a component that should be a part of every project. It allows firms to capture more meaningful insights by bringing together data from cross-departmental systems.

Leading law firms are now becoming incredibly sophisticated using cutting edge applications across departments. Business Intelligence coming to the centre stage is the logical next step and the trait of a firm that is looking to keep going on to do better things. Trends, applications, business processes all change – and having a robust BI capability that backs up the ‘go’ and ‘no go’ decisions saves time, money and effort.

Michael Turner, Pinnacle’s Principal Consultant and BI Team Lead said “The Pinnacle BI team have delivered well in excess of 50 BI projects in the last couple of years. Many of these had highly complex security, data manipulation and integration requirements. Our exposure and subsequent focused expertise in these areas is leading us and our clients into new approaches and technologies. Having bright and curious people like James join our team is critical to supporting our clients on this journey. One of the guiding principles behind the development of the team is that our people understand business intelligence best practice along with legal content, system and processes. From the first day, James has been asking all the right questions and is extremely engaged and keen to learn.”

Asking James Stringer about joining Pinnacle he said “I couldn’t be more excited to have joined one of the most highly regarded businesses to provide consulting, software and managed services to firms in the legal industry. I’m looking forward to working with some really bright people and helping our clients to maximise the value of their business data, analytics and reporting with leading-edge technologies.”

Welcome, James!