Monitor is a new Pinnacle product that will help you maintain the highest level of data quality.

Firms have an assumed data model – that 3E and Enterprise are supposed to be in balance, all clients are supposed to be in the requisite downstream systems with the right names etc. Most firms are not routinely checking that this holds true – this results in issues in financial reporting, in integrations failing etc.

We have developed a monitoring tool that sits within a client’s environment checking that all is as it should be. It monitors 3E or Enterprise, it monitors the other downstream systems and highlights things when they are not as they should be.

In this latest webinar, in association with Thomson Reuters, Pinnacle’s Beau Lynch and Paul Know will take you through how Monitor can help you.

Join Beau Lynch and Paul Knox on Tuesday Nov 19th at 5pm GMT / 9am PDT / 12 pm EDT
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